The german duo WOODEN PEAK went touring in Ecuador in fall 2015. This site collects all media related to it. Here they will share photos, music and infos about Ermitaños, the movie they´ve have made during the journey. Have a tour! *WP



"Ermitaños" Release
December 7, 2016
"Ermitaños" is now out there! A movie about our journey to Ecuador and the great musicians we´ve met there. Spread the word! Saludos! *WP 

June 19, 2016
Found this moving track by our ecuadorian fellows Conde Data. Voila.

In almost the same line up these boys recently released a video for their song "MAS" as "Morfeo".
We happily produced the video with Tobias Schütze. Transatlantic collaboration! *WP

June 2, 2016
For the 3rd show on our trip in Ecuador we were hosted most friendly Carlos Bohorquez, founder of Ermitaño Records, one of the few studios and labels in Ecuador for independent music. We had a great show in the parking lot of his house beeing supported by CONDE DATA, which started the band just some months before the show. Ermitaño Records is hosting a conglomerate of projects that have been recording in the studio of Carlos. Clicking through the releases you frequently find doublings in the lineups, as most of the girls and guys play in multiple projects. We collected some favorites from the Ermitaño environment down here. High five, Ermitaño Records! *WP